Monday, March 7, 2011

Charlie Sheen: Life After "Two and a Half Men"

Fresh off of being fired from his hit comedy, Charlie Sheen stepped out with 'goddess' Natalie Kenly in Beverly Hills, California on Monday afternoon (March 7).

Seemingly not having a care in the world, the 45-year-old actor puffed a cigarette and wrapped his arm around his lady while visiting a local office building for a business meeting.

As for being let go from "Two and a Half Men", a letter from a Warner Bros. legal staffer told Sheen's attorney that his client should "focus your energies on what no one so far has been able to do: get your client the sustained, rigorous and effective treatment he so urgently needs. It is clear that [Sheen] has no intention of agreeing to the intensive evaluation and treatment that his condition require. It is also clear he does not believe he has a problem and that he will continue to conduct himself in a destructive manner."

In response to the dismissal notice, Charlie's legal eagle, Marty Singer, told THR, "We will sue. It’s a matter of when. It could be this week, it could be in a little while. We’re in no rush. But we will sue.”

Singer continued, “Their position is absolutely ridiculous. Warner Bros. had no objection to my client pleading guilty to a felony while they were actively negotiating his new deal—they did his deal before his plea bargain!”

“From January 2010, even after my client was arrested and then charged with a felony and misdemeanor charges, Warner Bros. did not suspend my client. Instead it wanted my client to agree to commit to do additional seasons of [Men]. Warner Bros. confirmed that it would continue to employ Mr. Sheen even if he pleaded guilty to a felony as long as he did not serve jail time that would interfere with the production schedule."

Sheen's lawyer finished by stating, “This is nothing but Warner Bros. acting on behalf of Chuck Lorre."